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Configure SCIM integration in Okta
Configure SCIM integration in Okta
Written by Seweryn Jagusiak
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With SCIM integration people in your organization are automatically added/removed from your SellerCrowd team as you add/remove them in Okta. SCIM enables you to manage your users from a single system (Okta in this case). Changes are propagated to SellerCrowd behind the scenes.


To have SCIM enabled for your organization an enterprise plan is required (see pricing). You need to be the owner or an admin of your team in SellerCrowd.

You have to have SellerCrowd application installed in Okta (you can find it in Okta's app directory). See for details on how to find and istall SellerCrowd integration in Okta.

Supported features

  • Push new users, users you create in Okta are added to SellerCrowd.

  • Push profile updates, profile updates done in Okta are pushed to SellerCrowd.

  • Push user deactivation, deactivating or removing a user in Okta removes user from team in SellerCrowd.

  • Import users from SellerCrowd, users and profiles can be pulled from current billing team.

Configuration steps

  1. Contact the SellerCrowd support team (email: and request that they enable SCIM for your account.

  2. In response, you will receive Bearer Token which you can use to finish up configuration in Okta:

    1. Go to Provisioning / Integration and click "Edit":

    2. Scroll down to HTTP Header / Authorisation, enter the Bearer Token you received and click "Save".

Your SCIM configuration for SellerCrowd is complete. From that point on, changes you make to your users in Okta will propagate to SellerCrowd - they will be added / removed from your billing team accordingly.

Note: as a first step, you may consider triggering synchronization of all users in bulk, so that they appear in your SellerCrowd billing team.

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