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Configuring SSO with Google Workspace
Configuring SSO with Google Workspace

Defines steps to follow in order to configure SSO for your SellerCrowd team, when using Google Workspace as your identity provider

Written by Marcin Wtorkowski
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With SSO (Single Sign-On), users in your organization can easily authenticate using accounts they already have within Google Workspace.


To have SSO enabled for your organization a team or an enterprise plan is required (see pricing).


1. Login to your Google Workspace admin console and visit

2. Click "Add app -> Add custom SAML app" link.

3. On the first step of the Add custom SAML app wizard, fill out "App name" (can be anything, but SellerCrowd makes most sense), add description and icon if you like. Click "Continue"

4. Download metadata file and save it for later. Click "Continue" to move to the next step.

5. On this next page, fill out following fields:

Replace "YOUR_ORGANIZATION" placeholder with your actual organization id, any URL-safe identifier should work, but some short unique identifier of your organization will work best. E.g. for Acme Incorporated the organization id could be just "acme" and the url would be

Note: trailing slashes are important for Google to handle authentication correctly. Make sure that ACS url DOES NOT end with a slash, and your Entity ID url DOES.

6. Define attributes that will be sent over to SellerCrowd when user is authenticated. We require two to be set: First Name and Last Name (mapped to first_name and last_name attributes respectively). Click "FINISH" when ready.

7. Contact the SellerCrowd support team (email: and request that they enable SAML 2.0 for your account. Make sure to include:

  • the metadata XML file you've downloaded before in step 4

  • organization id you picked to fill the ACS url with (in step 5)

  • your organization domain (one or more) -- all users using those domains will be directed to your Google Workspace when attempting to login.

8. Once the SellerCrowd team processes your request, you'll be notified via email that SAML configuration is complete.

Next steps

Now that your integration is configured and enabled, make sure to define user access rights (on the Google Workspace admin panel), to allow all or some of your users to actually use this integration you've just configured.
Picture below shows how the user access looks when it's ON for everyone.

SP-initiated SSO

  1. Enter your email, then click Continue.

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